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Nature’s colour harmonies


Autumn for me is a season of plenty when trees and hedgerows display the fullness of summer’s energy with an eye-catching colour explosion of berries and fruits. It’s a foraging treasure trove that... READ MORE

Refocus on flowers!


Throughout my life nature has been my inspiration and guide, and has constantly delighted and filled me with child-like wonder and curiosity about the natural world.  Ever-changing, the turning wheel of nature’s calendar... READ MORE

Nature’s grand designs


A bird’s nest is a marvel to behold. If you’ve been lucky, you might have found an old nest on the ground that’s been blown out of a tree after winter storms. I... READ MORE

Yuletide Greetings


The festive countdown is not complete until I’ve decorated and hung an evergreen wreath from the front door. I love the winter ritual of cutting and gathering fir branches and sprays of holly... READ MORE