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Autumn Nature Detectives


Autumn is an important and busy feeding time for many animals to build up their body reserves in readiness for the approaching winter; to prepare for hibernation or for gathering and burying food... READ MORE

Sundews and damselflies


During July and August, I’m always keen for any opportunity to explore my favourite part of the New Forest – its valley mires and streams.  The sound of gently gurgling brooks, the pungent... READ MORE

What we can learn from wood ants


Ants are fascinating. As individuals they are small and easily overlooked, however they are highly sociable insects that live in large, complex communities working together to build and protect a home, gather food... READ MORE

Drummers of the woods


Although the month ahead can still be wintery, there are signs to listen out for that will help awaken you from winters deep slumber. Most noticeably our garden songbirds are more active and... READ MORE