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Oak apple gall with exit hole Stranger Things November 29, 2017 - What are those strange lumps and bumps on the underside of some leaves and those odd-shaped growths on acorns that look like woody asteroids? These bizarre plant growths become more noticeable in the autumn amongst the piles of fallen leaves, and on now naked tree branches and twigs.  Read on for the answer and some […]
Good foraging reminds us we are part of nature Wild Foods of the Forest – the good forager September 9, 2017 -   Autumn is my favourite season of the year; I enjoy the changing colours of the woodlands, dewy spider webs and especially the ‘wild food’ treasures hung brightly within hedgerows. ‘Blackberrying’ is often one of our first experiences of nature. Even toddlers quickly learn how to identify blackberry fruits! Foraging for wild foods is a […]
An unwary blackbird chick will need to be fed by its parents for several days after leaving the nest Fledgling birds April 28, 2017 - Whilst many baby birds are only now eagerly poking their heads out of nests, some parent birds are already encouraging reluctant youngsters to leave the safety of the nest. Most of our common woodland and garden birds such as robins, blackbirds, starlings and blue tits are feeding their hungry fledglings and May is a good […]
A visiting waxwing - beautiful! Welcome signs of spring March 1, 2017 -   At this time of year the weather is often unpredictable with frost and flurries of snow, heavy rain and flooding mixed with warm, sunny days that reminds us that spring is almost here. Wildlife also reflect this ‘in-between-the-seasons’ character with winter visitors from Scandinavia such as waxwings feeding on the last of the autumns […]
Treecreeper A Woodland Invitation January 28, 2017 - January is a quiet month after all the New Year festivities and in terms of wildlife it feels a bit bleak, with trees stripped bare of leaves and many animals in hibernation, the woods seem to be in a deep slumber. Not surprisingly, January is a month associated with deep reflection as we look back […]