Holy Holly! December 18, 2014 - Holly is well known and loved for its spiky evergreen leaves and bright red berries, and as a symbol of Christmas. In homage to the twelve days of Christmas, here’s twelve fascinating holly facts and activities that you can use … Continued
The Underground Farmers November 20, 2014 - Earthworms, as their name suggests, live within the earth in a hidden world but where they perform an essential service by not only turning over, aerating and loosening soil, but also by recycling dead things! Autumn is a great time … Continued
The web weavers October 23, 2014 - Nature has many beautiful designs and amongst these the intricate beauty of a spider web glistening with dew in the early morning sun is a visual masterpiece. Late summer and early autumn is the best time to admire and study … Continued
Picture of child holding up winged seeds Ingenious seeds, inquisitive minds September 13, 2014 - As the summer ends, many plants are preparing for the next generation and launching their offspring into the world. September is a great month to explore and investigate your school grounds and local wild space for different seed dispersal strategies. … Continued
Summer song of the crickets August 12, 2014 - It is a popular myth that a cricket chirps by rubbing its legs together. In fact, crickets sing with their wings and listen with their legs! During the summer they are an easy insect to find in school grounds in … Continued
Ladybird secrets July 18, 2014 - Nature is full of fascinating surprises, as I found out recently when investigating the ladybird life cycle with a group of reception school children. We were very intrigued to discover that the ladybird emerged from its pupa completely yellow with … Continued
Encounters with a seven-spotted friend July 6, 2014 -   Different stages of the ladybird life cycle For anyone working with children the word ‘minibeast’ needs no explaining – the world of invertebrate animals such as snails, woodlouse and centipedes holds a limitless fascination for children, and adults too! … Continued